18th Apr 201416:31
18th Apr 201416:24

Where am I going? What am I doing?

29th Mar 201421:03

Possibly the worst week of my life. I’ve never been more distressed. 

Also this country is not good for me. I am sick of medication, painkillers, scans and all other health scares I just want to get better and get the fuck out

Random other thing: love your smell on my pillows.

I don’t like people in my bed/wearing my stuff etc etc because it changes the smell of things (I’m territorial like a female dog - aha, bij - like that) but your scent is ……

A little Mont Blanc + musky face/ hair + faint laundry detergent… And I like it very much.

"But if fear can take you, then so can joy and so can hope."

You are like a mimosa plant when you sleep. Does that even make sense?

Opaque  by  andbamnan